Review – The Boat Man by Dustin Stevens

imageRight from the off, this book is a good, easy read. The story immediately gets into the action with a grisly murder that is clearly well planned.
The reader is then introduced to Detective Reed Maddox and his canine sidekick Billie. Reed has recently lost his human work partner, the details of which are never disclosed, though this story begins a series so maybe the author intends to reveal more background in later books.
The story proceeds at a good and steady pace and, as more bodies are discovered, Reed must find the link. The killer has his own story too, and quite a poignant one at that, so there are several layers that kept me guessing.
All in all a very enjoyable read and a great conclusion with all loose ends well and truly tied. This is the first time I have read a book by Dustin Stevens though on checking I see that he has quite a catalogue. I am interested to know how things will develop with Reed and Billie and will definitely be looking up book 2 in the series.

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