Review – The Healer by Christoph Fischer

imagePeople react to devastating news in many different ways. Erica Whittaker, a successful business woman has tried everything conventional medicine has to offer but her pancreatic cancer has not been cured. Encouraged by her friend and assistant Hilda, she turns to the only avenue she has not yet explored – a healer.

Arpan had an awesome, in the very real sense of the word, reputation some years ago but he has dropped from the public gaze and is unwilling to discuss his powers, his healing elixir, or the possibility of using them to help Erica. However, Erica is also determined and she seeks him out in his isolated rural retreat to confront him and ask him face to face to save her life.
At first Arpan refuses but, given Erica’s life or death situation, finally agrees.
So, was he a charlatan or did he actually have the cure that the whole of the medical profession failed to provide? Intriguingly, the story of Erica and Arpan is not that simple and we begin to learn that, at the height of his healing, it was not just suffering individuals but the mighty pharmaceutical industry who became interested in the truth behind Arpan’s powers.
On one level this is just the story of a young woman trying to survive, on the the other it’s about corporate power, greed and that, even when life or death is at stake there can still be individuals with their own, selfish agendas.
There is a twist that nicely rounds up the story and this is yet another Christoph Fischer book with a totally amazing cover!

This is another book I listened to through Audible – loved it!

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