Review – Frankly Speaking by Don Massenzio

imageThere are a good deal of series around featuring a disillusioned ex-cop turned private investigator ( and I am a sucker for them anyway!)  but this book, the first in a series about investigator Frank  Rozzani felt fresh and a little different.

A teenager has gone missing and the police department have labelled her a ‘runaway’ but her family are convinced that she would never do such a thing and enlist Rozzani to uncover the truth about her disappearance. As soon as Frank begins to delve there is a nasty attack on him, though his lovely dog, Lucy takes the brunt of it, and it soon becomes clear that his investigation is rustling some feathers!

The case turns out to be far more sinister and far reaching than the story of one youngster and I enjoyed the unfolding process as Frank and his partner, Jonesy work to untangle a quite complex plot. I also loved the character of Anita who is prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

This is a really enjoyable read and I will, no doubt, be going back into the world of Rozzani for more.

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