Review – The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

imageThe story of a couple who apparently have everything and yet their preened and pampered lifestyle is the papering over the cracks of a disintegrating relationship. Jodi and Todd are not married but they have shared their home and life for many years. We are told at the beginning of the book that Jodi will, in a few, short months, become a killer and so it begins…

Todd is a serial philanderer. Jodi chooses not to think about such things and instead she concentrates on the problems of her clients ( she is a psychologist – seeing her patients at home while Todd is out at work). In many ways I felt that her concerns for her patients were a vehicle for avoidance  of her own issues. Other than these Jodi busies herself with her clothes, her accessories and the food she will expertly prepare when the day is drawing to a close. But as Todd’s next obsession, ( the daughter of a close friend) begins to finally unravel what seems to have been an accepted situation between himself and Jodi we see just how individually self-centred this pair are. ‘You know I love you’, Todd says, all the time indulging in whatever makes him happy.

I admired the style of writing in The Silent Wife but not always the words, as if the author had no choice but to report things as they actually were, shallow and self-serving and, at times, dull. The skill in putting this book together deserves at least 4 stars, but unfortunately, for me it has to be a three on this occasion because in reading a book I need to relate somewhere, to some aspect or opinion if not to a character.  I could not begin to like Jodi or Todd, to root for them in any way, and their friends and acquaintances, for the most part, seemed to be of the same ilk.

Nevertheless this is a worthwhile read, if not only as a reminder of the important things in life.



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