Review – Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

imageIn a word (or four), I loved this book. A wonderful combination, the brooding beauty of the Arctic and a menacing presence.

Set in the 1930’s, Jack is young, poor and lonely. He is disappointed with life and the class divide that seems to dismiss him. Then an opportunity arises to join a small arctic expedition as wireless operator and despite feelings that he is being taken on grudgingly by some, and that he is not their ‘sort’, he decides this is his one remaining chance to make something of himself.

The journey out to ‘Gruhuken’ is beautifully written with descriptions so evocative I could imagine I was there. Even at this early point there are some signs that things are not quite right at Gruhuken where the men will make their camp and ready themselves for the arctic winter but they are forgotten amongst the excitement of arrival and settling in.

Slowly the situation deteriorates and the menace builds. Jack finds himself alone, the only person fit to keep the expedition going and determined to prove himself by sticking it out. The arctic winter and darkness descend.

This is a really great ghost story, absolutely full of foreboding and a great story of endurance in the Arctic in that period of time. Look out for the Bear Post – it gives me a shiver to think of it even now.

2 thoughts on “Review – Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

    1. wendyunsworth Post author

      Thank you! I love a good ghost story but think that even the best ones are so often a disappointment in the end! This one really delivered for me. I felt as if I was there and the bear post was such a brilliantly creepy addition to the tale. I am looking forward to a new book by Michelle Paver, Thin Air, coming out next month. Let me know if you read and enjoy it!

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