Review – All Fall Down by Tom Bale

img_1850It’s a nice day, great for a family barbecue and, on the face of it, all seems right for Rob and Wendy Turner and their family. They are out in the garden, enjoying the good-old British sunshine. This cosy scene is suddenly interrupted by at noise at the fence and when Rob opens the gate a greviously injured man staggers through, begging for help. An ambulance is called but, sadly, too late for the stranger.

So begins a nightmare for the Turner’s who, like many, have their issues and problems that, under these stressful circumstances begin to surface. What begins as an unfortunate and random incident for the Turner’s progresses to look like something more deliberate to Rob, whose business has suffered setbacks and the involvement of characters that are more than a little shady. There are other elements in play too, including their adopted daughter’s traumatic past and a son who has gone AWOL.

The already planned family holiday in Norfolk seems like a chance to be together and regroup but that is actuallly when the full horror begins.

The author throws a lot at this family, more than I expected, especially as there are a few well placed red herrings that led me to the wrong conclusion a couple of times. I certainly didn’t expect the reason for the Turner’s plight.

The situation in Norfolk was tense though, for me, a little fuddled and possibly over-complicated when it came to the outcome. Overall though, an exciting read and I did like the final twist. I would definitely go back to this author again.




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