Review – Do Not Wash Hands In Plates by Barb Taub

img_1852The ebook revolution has really transformed my reading habits. With more reasonably priced books available and a wealth of online book sites it’s so much easier to find little gems like ‘Do Not wash Hands In Plates.’

This book has some small illustrations but it’s the text that is the attraction; the author has a funny, endearing style that really makes you want to get to know her and her friends much more.

Barb Taub relates the real -life story of a trip to India with two life-long friend. The trio had apparently done this many years before when they met up to tour Europe but this time, with one of the group already living in India they meet again for the grand tour.

This is not an informational travelogue, there are no guides, facts or figures, but rather a very funny account of the ladies as they see some of the sights and very frequently sample the delights of Indian food. It’s light, it’s fun and a perfect short read in-between other more hefty tomes.

A real delight!

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