Review Wednesday

img_1853Though this blog is still a pretty simple affair at the moment, the way I would like it to eventually look and feel is coming together in my mind. And so I am taking a first step towards some kind of ‘shape’  to it by making a commitment to post reviews on Wednesdays. I’m not the world’s fastest reader, mainly because, like many people, I have to shoehorn my reading into any nook and cranny of the day that I can find, and that often means time when I should be asleep, but, what the hell, reading is worth it!

I am going to try to read as many Indie authors as possible because, as all writers know, reviews are like gold dust and if we ever expect someone to take the time to read and review our own, the least we can do is seek out terrific books ourselves and let others know. My reviews are always totally honest but you won’t find any really bad ones here. If I don’t like a book to a point where I wouldn’t have anything good to say at all, I tend to just not review it. Full stop. There’s already enough negativity in the world! I know not everyone will agree,  but I prefer to think of the reviews I post here as recommendations and I can only recommend what I like or what seems to me to have the potential to be liked by others, even if it wasn’t particularly my cup of tea!

img_1854My Goodreads Challenge is so woefully behind schedule that I may also post extra reviews in the lead up to Christmas. I may not make that challenge this year but, damn it, if I fail this year to make the numbers, I’ll do it next year!

Anyway, without more ado, here are couple of reviews of children’s books I have read recently. My grandchildren give both of these a definite thumbs up!


If You Have a Hat by Gerald Hawksley

‘A silly rhyming picture book’

img_1855I’m always on the lookout for good children’s books to add to my Kindle library. Some books don’t translate well to Kindle and that, in my experience, goes particularly for children’s  books, but this one works perfectly. The simple, clearly defined illustrations are well suited to ebook format and even though I read it on my Kindle Paperwhite, therefore no colour, it still worked well ( and my little grandson agreed!)

The little rhymes are indeed very silly.

‘If you have a hat, put it on your head

if you have a bed bug tuck him up in bed’

Just  the sort of funny rhymes very young children love. A Real Delight to share with little ones.

Merry Christmas Woozler by Rhonda Paglia

img_1856This book for young children also stood out for me with regard to the illustrations which are bright and beautiful but still hold up well on Kindle Paperwhite with plenty of different shades to make the pictures clear and attractive.

The Woozler lives at the bottom of the garden and can be a rather stand-offish character but Sofie and her mirror image, Meeda are determined that he will have a warm and merry Christmas. My five year old grandson loved the story! (Already, he can’t wait for Christmas)

The author has added some nice extras at the end of the book, some drawings to complete and a couple of little puzzles to enjoy, finding items from the story so, for those little extras, or to give as a gift it would be nice to own the paperback of this book.


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