When I’m Not Writing

Browsing through the posts received from blogs that I follow, each morning, is a pleasure. It’s a mix that ranges from book reviews, author interviews writing tips, how to’s, and publishing information to funny pictures, hilarious captions and recipes for cheesecake. It’s great, it’s a learning curve and it’s fun too.

Thank you all!

My biggest focus on a daily basis is my writing but, of course, like so many other bloggers and authors out there, there are other things in my life that are important to me.

img_1857It seems to me, from what I have observed, that a many writers and readers really enjoy the Great Outdoors and I am no exception. It’s funny because I would suppose that the stereotypical image would be of someone closeted away, only occasionally drawing back the curtain for a glimpse of the light of day. I do spend a lot of hours at my computer, but when I’m done, or in need of a break, it’s fresh air I seek. I like to walk with my camera, tend my plants and this year, at the ripe old age of something not in my forties or fifties, I ran my first half marathon. (That took a lot of ‘fresh air’ training, some of it accompanied by darkness and freezing rain).

Travel has also been a big factor in my life. Unlike the rest of my family who have all remained in our home town on the sunny Lincolnshire coast in England, I have moved about, lived in several countries and loved that nomadic way of being. At present I live in Scotland and Portugal, dividing my time to be close to my children.


In the evenings I also like to sew and knit for relaxation. I’m not saying that I don’t  enjoy socialing or the odd wee dram or two but the (frequent) evenings I refer to here are the ones when I’m not partying until dawn. 😄I love some of the modern TV series like Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead but I never watch the tv without ‘doing something with my hands’ – if you know what I mean!img_1858

Did I mention my kitten, or my kids, or my grandkids? These also take up portions of my time and I know how lucky I am to have them all.

When I finally get a breather from all this activity I sometimes sleep!

How about you?

2 thoughts on “When I’m Not Writing

  1. wendyunsworth Post author

    Donna, you are right! They are very different. Although only three flying hours apart Scotland is often very cold, especially in the Highlands but very green and beautiful with lochs and castles and tumbling rock-strew rivers. We spend as much time as possible hiking and walking there. The area where I stay in Portugal has extremely hot, dry summers and mild winters. The area is called the Alentejo. It’s most beautiful time is spring when the wild flowers are everywhere. I am going to write much more about these areas when I can but, at the moment I am almost at the end of the first draft of a novel so I have to give that priority! Hope all is well with you.



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