Introducing Kellie Culpepper

img_0078I would like to tell you all about some of the characters in my Come-alive Cottage series and, as she is the heroine of the stories, first up is the adorable Kellie Culpepper.
Kellie is ten years old, she is bright and fun loving and also quite a clever girl. Kellie’s parents are explorers and Kellie was born in Africa in a small village by the banks of the great Okiepokie River

Now she is growing up in England, Kellie sometimes goes to stay with her wonderful Aunts while her mum and dad are off exploring. Aunt Kitty and Aunt Sillime are very unusual Aunts. You’ll get to meet them another day!

5 Things You May Not Know About Kellie Cullpepper.

  1. She once pulled a Royal Python out of a tree.
  2. Her favourite food is Cherry Jam Tart
  3. She has a hat with six Pom-poms on it.
  4. Her pet is called Slowly and he is a Giant African Snail.
  5. Kellie knows a real, live dragon (and it’s spotty)


All four Kelllie titles are available on Amazon and I am planning some promotions and giveaways in the run up to Christmas.

These are, short, fun, chapter books for children. If anyone would like to receive a free ecopy of any of these titles, to sample what they are like, please just let me know and I will forward an Amazon gift voucher.

A review, of course, would be massively appreciated 😊

Available in Paperback and for Kindle

Kellie at Come-alive Cottage

Danger at Come-alive Cottage

Catastrophe at Come -alive Cottage

Christmas at Come-alive Cottage

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