Review The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza

img_1866This book (and its follow-ups) has had such rave reviews already that I knew it was one I wanted to squeeze into this year’s reading.

I could immediately see why the book was a winner. The story gets off to an eerie and frightening start with Andrea alone at night, being watched and pursued. There is no doubt from the first few paragraphs of the book that she is destined to become The Girl in the Ice.

Enter DCI Erika Foster, returning to work after a tragic police operation that cost lives. She is lonely, homeless and her abrasive manner gets her into trouble wherever she goes.

Lots of reviewers have summarised the plot so suffice to say here that Erika’s appointment as Senior Investigating officer on this murder enquiry is not welcomed by everyone on her team. Neither is she very popular with the well-to-do family who have lost a daughter and sister. But if Erika has nothing else she has talent and focus as a police officer and she is determined to solve the case.

Many of the characters that populate this book, both members of the police team and the people they come across during the investigation, are quirky and rather larger than life. They are a weird bunch, in fact. This is where the strength of the story lies. The plot is interesting but fairly straightforward, less memorable characters may have dulled the impact of the book. But with Erika risking her police career ( probably far above anything that would be allowed in the real world)  to get at the truth, opposition from Andrea’s dysfunctional and sometimes obnoxious family and a grandma prostitute , the book is a define page-turner.

Oh, and I loved ‘who did it’.

Bryndza has created characters that I want to meet again. I think the friendship between Foster and DI Moss  will strengthen. Moss will be Foster’s right hand ‘man’, the one she can rely on. But I may be wrong – we shall see!


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