Review Wednesday – I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

img_1864Unless I am very confident about the author I am usually put off by very long books and I Am Pilgrim is, in paperback, a big, thick slab of a book. However having been given the book as a birthday gift I gamely opened it up and gave it a go.

I am glad that I did.

It would be impossible to finely summarise the plot in less than about ten pages but the basics are:-

Man with a very secret past. (This is espionage-type secret, not skeletons in the family cupboard) has retired to anonymity. But, with time on his hands, he writes the definitive book on forensic criminal investigation. An NYPD detective with a very tricky case on his hands decides that the author of that book is the only one who can help him solve the case and decides to track him down.

Of course, this is no straightforward crime. The ongoing investigation leads to the discovery of a plot to release devastation on the world. This is big, gung-ho stuff in places  but actually very enjoyable. The scenes in the Middle East are, at times, grim and a little bit sobering but much of the book is just pure adventure, James Bond style.

A good read.


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