Aunt Kitty-cat from the Come-alive Cottage Series

img_0270Kellie Culpepper had no idea that Aunt Kitty was a witch until the first time she went to visit her at Come-alive Cottage. When a large cat jumped down from a bookshelf and began to talk, that was when Kellie realised that Aunt Kitty and her house were like no other she had ever visited before.

Aunt Kitty is the kindest, nicest witch in the world but, unfortunately, she is not very good at it. Most of the things inside Come-alive Cottage that come alive, do so because of gone -wrong spells. Aunt Kitty never has the heart to turn them back or even try; she can’t even stop herself being a sometimes-cat and never knowing when you might develop claws and a tail can be quite inconvenient.


Plates, taps, door knockers, bath mats and lamps are just some of the many things that might say hello if you were to visit Come-alive Cottage and, if you do,  watch out for the Grumpy Watering can, he can’t stand water.


5 things you may not know about Aunt Kitty

  1. She once turned her sister into a dragon – by mistake.
  2. When she turns into a cat she likes to sleep on the roof next to the chimney pot.
  3. One of her best friends is a wooden ostrich called Lance.
  4. Her favourite spell is made up of a greenish, orangish, purplish, brownish, reddish, yellowish potion.
  5. Her favourite food is Cauliflower Upside-down cake.


All four Kelllie titles are available on Amazon and I am planning some promotions and giveaways in the run up to Christmas.

These are, short, fun, chapter books for children. If anyone would like to receive a free ecopy of any of these titles, to sample what they are like, please just let me know and I will forward an Amazon gift voucher.

A review, of course, would be massively appreciated 😊


Available in Paperback and for Kindle

Kellie at Come-alive Cottage

Danger at Come-alive Cottage

Catastrophe at Come -alive Cottage

Christmas at Come-alive Cottage

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