Review Wednesday -The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry

img_1873This was one of the books I definitely wanted to listen to as an audiobook as Stephen is the narrator and I do so love his voice.

The book covers the actor’s university years and the beginnings of his career. In his usual self deprecating manner he speaks frankly about his surprise at his success, indeed at his amazement that he is taken seriously by anyone at all.

He is a shameless name-dropper but it was interesting to hear him talk of such other talents as Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie when they too were at the very start of their careers. He talks too of the agony of writing and the absolute certainty that everything he has written will be deemed utter rubbish. A lot of writers will identify with that!

What seems most evident is Stephen’s absolute honesty, that he leaves nothing out and that he speaks the truth at every turn. He relates his struggles in life along with his successes.  His love of words too and his joy in using them makes the book so wonderfully entertaining.

My only criticism would be in the very abrupt ending. The Fry Chronicles is a long book and so, I suppose, he had to stop somewhere but it did leave me feeling that I only had half the story which, indeed, is correct.

A funny man, who is loved by many, but has had a lot of problems loving himself.

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