About the Need to Write

img_1880I always find it interesting when reading author interviews to see the answer to the question ‘When did you first become a writer?’

The answer is so often along the lines of, ‘I’ve always been a writer of some sort or other’.

I identify with that and obviously lots of other writers do too.

Way back in my earliest school days, given a sheets of sums or a picture and story to write I know which one I would always choose and in my early teens I wrote a ‘novel’ (long hand in a series of exercise books!). It was all about highwaymen. I was in my swashbuckling era in those days😊

I wrote another, more serious novel when I was a young mum but in that busy time it never got beyond first draft stage.

But it’s been more than that. There have been journals of my various travels, short stories and even the odd poem. The point is, I think writers see stories everywhere, not necessarily ones that they ever could or would write down but possibilities that some situation or other could become a great book.


As with many others, it has taken a long time for me to finally get my words down into completed works and, having done that, it’s probably only now that I truly appreciate what a mammoth task the creation of every book really  is.

People talk about building your writing muscles, write more, read more. Practice, though it will never make perfect, can make something good. I believe in that. But I also believe that most creative writers have a built-in need to put experiences and imaginings into the written word and they have probably always had that need whether they recognised it or not.

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