Review Wednesday – A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean M Cogdell

img_1888A super little story for young children about what they might like to ‘be’ when they grow up. Knowing that she can’t really be a princess there are lots of other choices and here we have them in rhyme, page by page, astronaut, teacher, doctor, baker artist and lots more.

Each page is dedicated to a different ‘occupation’  with our Reluctant Princess dressed appropriately for each job. Great fun; my granddaughter who is beginning to read enjoyed guessing the roles from the illustrations or sounding out the words.

As usual, I bought this book for my Kindle Paperwhite and so illustrations have to be clear. They are – and also quite adorable.

One point -both illustrations and text did not ‘centre’ on my kindle but were rather ‘ squashed’ to the top left of the page which was a shame. Other reviewers haven’t mentioned this so maybe it’s just my device.

All in all a very sweet little book that I am sure young children will love.

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