Review Wednesday -Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

img_1884I have deliberately held back on a review of this book for quite a while because somehow I could not make up my mind about it. I’ve actually listened to it twice just to see if I missed something the first time around.

Daniel and Laura are on a trip through Europe, their intention being to settle down and start a family after this holiday. On a train travelling through Romania they are exhausted and, on the suggestion of new acquaintances, decide to sneak into a sleeper cotmpartment they have not paid for and get some rest. They are discovered by guards and thrown off the train in an isolated spot along with the girl-half of the couple they just met.

So follows a creepy walk through the woods, the discovery of a old house and along the way, the new friend, Alina, goes missing.

Back in England, what happened and what Daniel and Laura saw in that old house has changed their lives. They become estranged, their life plans togther are torn to shreds and their friends can’t even begin to understand the break up.

Daniel and Laura have sworn never to talk about their experiences in Romania but unfortunately the distance has not put an end the nightmare because it has ‘followed them home.’ Things start to happen to them and to people they are associated with. There are lots of twists and turns.

I did enjoy this book and I listened again to take in all the twists and clues but I think, for me, maybe the subject matter wasn’t the best, a little too sordid and some events a little too unbelieveable. It was good though and many people have given great reviews. I will certainly be reading more of Mark Edwards.

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