Review Wednesday – Looking Good Dead by Peter James

img_1890Having enjoyed the first in the Roy Grace series (apart from the ending -which is a pretty big part!) I wanted to give this series a second try. I did warm to Roy Grace in the first book and very much enjoyed the story.

In Looking Good Dead the story again gets off to a very good start. Tom Bryce, struggling with his business and his wife’s spending habits, has enough to worry about without having to put up with a loudmouth yapping into his mobile on his commuter train ride home. When the guy leaves a CD on his seat, Tom, too disinterested to give chase, picks it up and and shoves it in his bag. Only later when he idly decides to check out the CD does he find he is viewing what appears to be a snuff movie. Then the threats start.

Roy Grace is called in. His background story (wife disappeared some years ago and has never been found) moves along nicely with a date in the offing and the age-old problem of what to wear.

The story proceeds at a good pace as Tom Bryce gets more desperate to protect himself and his family.

There is some mention of Grace’s faith in pyschics to help with the investigation but this time not to the point of it being a cop out – phew! An enjoyable story.

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