Review Wednesday – Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

img_1889I have never read anything by Jeffrey Archer before but this book was offered free on Audible and I was glad that I gave it a try.

Young Harry Clifton is a gifted with  beautiful singing voice that wins him a scholarship to a school where he mixes with other boys ‘above his station’. Meanwhile Harry’s clever and resourceful mother works hard to provide him with the extra clothes and books required at the school, struggling always to make ends meet.

At school Harry gets to know Giles Barrington a boy who has been born into privilege and the unlikely pair become firm friends. But there is much more to the history of these two young boys, questions of parentage and the real story of how Harry’s father died, tie the two famillies together.

This book takes Harry through to the Second World War and his determination to sign up.

I knew this was the first book in a series but was rather surprised when it abruptly stopped on quite a cliffhanger. A bit naughty, I think. But I will continue on with the story when I get the opportunity.

This is the first book in the Clifton Chronicles.

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