Review Wednesday – Three Blind Mice by Albert Jack

img_1885This is a super little book that trawls through the history behind some of our most well known nursery rhymes to discover their meanings and origins.

I knew the stories behind some of them but Albert Jack seems to have really done his homework to offer alternative origins and sometimes more than one possible meaning.

A lot of the rhymes go back to Tudor times and earlier; The Dissolution of the Monastaries, The Black Death, The Gunpowder Plot. Bloody Mary is the ‘farmer’s wife’ who cuts of the tails of her dissenters.

It’s always difficult with books such as this to know how accurately dates etc are, unless you at willing to cross-reference but neverthess a fascinating, short read for anyone who wants an interesting break from longer books. And, incidentally, if you like horror you would be hard pushed to find anything much worse than the things we English did to those who opposed the monarch in days of olde!


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