Netgalley For Newbies – Help!

img_1891I have just finished reading my first book for Netgalley and feel a bit like I did when I finished writing my first novel, glad to have completed this goal but wondering what I should do next?

The book I read was offered for download with no requirement for approval from the publisher. It sounded like a good read and, as I am a new blogger and also new to Netgalley, I am prepared that it may take a while to build up relationships with publishers and be accepted as a reader. Therefore I gladly went for this book to get me started and a review ‘under my belt’

Now that the book is read and, going back to my dashboard, I have the option to Give Feedback. Within that section are two fields, one for notes to the publisher and one for the review itself.

I have a few questions:-

  • In the notes to publisher, what kind of things might you mention? Typos? Cover suitability?
  • Is the review exactly the same as the one you will post on your blog and other platforms or a shortened, more concise, version?
  • What order do you post in?  This particular book is to be published in January 2017 but there is no guidance about when the review should be posted on Netgalley and, if immediately, should I hold off from posting on my blog and Goodreads until nearer the publication date?
  • Any other tips from you experts out there?

I have googled etc but thought that a post to all you Professional Readers might address my questions more fully and the answers could be useful for anyone else who is thinking of giving Netgalley a try.

Once I have been with Netgalley for a few months I will post about my experience for others to see the results. Also, from a writer’s point of view, I am interested to learn how many Indies are taking their work there and if they feel the early exposure for their books was worth the cost.

Look forward to your comments! 😊



4 thoughts on “Netgalley For Newbies – Help!

  1. Kristen Twardowski

    I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m happy to help. (Besides, it sounds like you have the right idea about these things.)

    The publishers area is for feedback about typos, formatting issues, cover problems, and any other technical issues you spot. If you are interested in interviewing the author or partnering further with the publisher, you can also leave a note about that here.

    As for the review portion, I’ve done both short and long versions. Typically my ‘on blog’ reviews include commentary before and after the actual book review. I tend to cut that for NetGalley reviews, but you certainly don’t have to.

    In terms of timing, some publishers like reviews posted prior to a work’s official publications. Since they haven’t posted any restrictions, you should feel to post your review whenever you would like.

    I hope that helps! I’m excited to see your review whenever you post it.

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    1. wendyunsworth Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Kristen! Yes, that all makes sense. I will probably just go ahead and post the review, as you say, as no guidlines have been given. Just didn’t want to make a huge faux pas on my first outing with Netgalley! 😊

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  2. Jacqui Murray

    I agree with everything Kristen said. I’ll add a few more ideas. I’ve fallen in love with NetGalley because I get free books that I want to read. I do take advantage of the free-for-all (no publisher approval required), but I also get a lot of publisher-approved books that I would otherwise have to purchase.

    Notes to publisher–agree.

    Length of post–I do post the same to NetGalley as I do everywhere else (my blog, Amazon, Goodreads) because it saves me time. I don’t think they care.

    Post by–I do try to post by the publication date, but don’t stress if I don’t make it. I know Amazon often won’t allow pre-publication reviews so I have to write myself a note to go back later and post the review there. I’m backed up with reviews on my blog so I add a note telling the publisher when it’ll go live on my blog and the link where they’ll find it. The two books I’ll review this week won’t go live on my blog until February, but will go on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, FB immediately.

    If you’re looking for publisher-approved books (I just got Mark Greaney’s latest), you have to show them you share on all the social media. That takes extra time, but since even ebooks now cost over $10, it’s a worthwhile investment to me.

    One last note: I’ve had several of the authors contact me to thank me for reviewing their book. What a high that is!

    Good luck!


    1. wendyunsworth Post author

      Thanks Jacqui, I know from my experience with other sites it does take a while to find your way around and the best way to work. I have just requested my second free-for-all book to try to get a few stats going but would like eventually to get approved by some publishers too. Thanks for the tips – all much appreciated, especially as I think you are trying to get in some family time – enjoy!



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