New Year’s Resolutions – is it Too Early?

img_1894Christmas seems to come earlier each year and I know I’m not the only one to complain about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. It’s family time. But I don’t love hearing the sounds of Jingle Bells in September, somehow it dilutes the excitement for me. I want to feel Christmassy as well as see Christmassy.

But I digress; the reason I even thought about that today is that I have most definitely been thinking about New Year Resolutions and (shock -horror!) for quite some time. I think it is because this year has been quite defining for me as an individual (rather than as a wife and mum) and having coming this far I need to consolidate my interests and ambitions in 2017 with a good, solid plan.

The img_1892main focus of that plan is my ‘writing’. And when I say writing, I mean, as many writers will recognise writing/editing/coverdesign/marketing/blogging/social media and all the other hundred things I have left out. It’s tough, but you won’t hear me complain because it’s what I want to do. However, as so many writer/bloggers advise, there are ways, ideas and plans for a writer to find their way through their own, particular maze. We all have our own strategies but, at the same time, it does help a lot to read what other authors are doing and what works best for them, even if you don’t agree.

One thing I alluded to a minute ago was the sheer diversity of this ‘job’ of writing. I wrote my first novel in a blissful haze of ignorance. It took three years and at the time I thought The End really was. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find a publisher willing to take it on, everyone has heard the dreaded rejection letter stories (and, at that point, I wasn’t even aware of self publishing) but I was confident the work was good enough and when it finally made its way in front of the right person voilà! And ah! I could sit back and contemplate my next book.

Oh-oh! How wrong I was.

So – Resolutions. They are coming into my mind thick and fast.

Resolutions about my creative writing next year – what I plan to achieve including time frames.

Resolutions about market -what I will try and what I will leave for another time.

Resolutions about reading – what I want to experience with regard to the work of favourite authors, bestselling newcomers and hidden gems. What I want to be as a reviewer.

In later posts, leading up to the end of the year I will say a little more about the decisions I make and maybe it wil be interesting to report in 2017 which resolutions have turned out to be the best.

img_1893Of course, on New Years Eve things will be different. I am planning to spend that holiday with my children and little grandchildren and then all the resolutions in my mind will revolve around them.

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