Review Wednesday – Who Took My Banana? By Sally Huss

img_1915Mummy orangutan wakes to find her banana is missing and so off she goes through the jungle asking each creature she sees if they know where it is.

This is a classic story format for very young children, each page quite repetititous but fun as the different animals say they have no idea where the banana might be. In my experience, children who are just beginning to hold their attention long enough for a whole book, like this undemanding and predictable style. The illustrations are simple but effective.

What I didn’t like about the book was the presence of so many creatures that , in the wild at least, an orangutan would never encounter. Whilst the age-range that the book is aimed at would not know or care about whether a toucan is found in Borneo or not, I think it is important that all books should be accurate. The orangutans natural range is very limited but there would have been plenty of animals and birds to choose from that do live in the same region. A pity because, for me, this spoiled the story just as it would if it had been about a tiger in Africa,  but in other ways this is a lovely book.

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