Finishing your draft? Don’t open it again until after Christmas

Great advice for those of us just finishing a first draft. And what better time, with Christmas almost here and our attention being needed elsewhere, to relax, have some fun and look forward to a first read-through in the New Year!

Nail Your Novel

On November 30th, or thereabouts, Nanowrimoers typed ‘The End’. Whether you’re a Nano or not, the next thing you must do is put the manuscript away. Close the file, stow the notebooks, do a happy dance. Unless you have a deadline that demands you thrash it into shape straight away, don’t touch it for at least a month. At least.

Become a stranger to your story

We all know how we can read a page over and over and somehow miss the appalling typo in the first sentence. When we’re too tangled in a novel we see what we think is there – not what is actually on the pages.

To do useful revision work, you need to allow enough time for your novel to become unfamiliar – so that you’re no longer thinking like its writer, but as a reader.

Let the flavours marinate

Your manuscript needs to marinate…

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9 thoughts on “Finishing your draft? Don’t open it again until after Christmas

    1. wendyunsworth Post author

      I guess the point is, when have you had enough rest! Personally,I will never have had enough so I’m going to leave mine only long enough for a Christmas break because I need to work, work, work. (But very much looking forward to the family Christmas) Best wishes to you. 😊

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