Review – The Good Mother by A L Bird

img_1934This story has all the hallmarks of a winner. Susan wakes in a room where she is being held captive; she has no idea why. To add to her terror she soon realises that her daughter, Cara,  is being held in the adjacent room. They make contact but they must be very careful not to be overheard.

The story is told from two viewpoints, that of Susan and her captor, a man who she believes she recognises from somewhere but she is confused and can’t pinpoint how she knows him.

Thre were lots of twists, as per the subtitle which promises them and the story is clever, a great idea. It was a hard one to nail, though. Difficult I think because we were privy to the captor’s thoughts and actions as well as those of Susan and that made the storyline confusing unless… he was who he was.

I did conclude early on who the captor must be, it was the only explanation that could possibly work. His actions were pretty reprehensible at times, even given the extreme circumstances, but it brought some kind of sense to the story.

The book was enjoyable and well written, maybe a little repetitive in the Susan parts and perhaps a few too many twists but it was a good read for the idea alone.


2 thoughts on “Review – The Good Mother by A L Bird

  1. Terry Tyler

    Interesting…. there are so many of these abduction type books out at the moment, and they seem to vary a lot. Now, more interesting is that you have the Bryan Cranston book in your to-reads; I am a fan, too, and really must read it!

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    1. wendyunsworth Post author

      Yes, it didn’t really work for me though others have given rave reviews. My review of Bryan Cranston’s autobiography will be coming soon – I am about 75% through – fantastic!



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