Review – Write to Be Heard by Aaron D Gansky and Diane Sherlock

img_1940Write To Be Heard is a straightforward no-nonsense read for writers wanting to improve their skills and, I imagine, that is most writers. There is nothing fancy and I think that is probably the intention, to make the book accessible to all writers.

The book begins with the subject of its title, the narrative voice, and how to achieve something natural and fluid in the prose we write. It goes on to characters and how to get to know them, their backgrounds, quirks, foibles, motivations. Plot, structure and dialogue are also discussed.

There are exercises to follow and to apply to a piece of work or a WIP.

I don’t believe anyone interested in writing can ever read enough of these kind of books, even if the reader doesn’t necessarily agree with every point made; there can be something to learn in that too.

A solid read that disappointed me a little just in that I would have liked more on that narrative voice, the subject of the book (although the subtitle does include … ‘and more.’..). But for anyone looking for a good overview of the creative writing process plus a few nice nuggets of motivation this will hit the spot.

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