Sick of Amazon’s BS?

Kyle Perkins has provided some very useful instructions on how to sell books from your own site. Thank you, Kyle!

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins

Technically, you don’t have to deal with them. What’s stopping you from selling your books on your own site? Well, the answer is “nothing really,” but you have to be a little crafty.

One of the most obvious things you can do, is use sites like Smashwords, though you’ll still have to give up royalties.

Warning: If you do choose to sell your own books on your site while under contract with Kindle Unlimited, it can and likely will get your books pulled. (Same goes for putting it on Smashwords)

Second Warning: You lose your traffic and what you have built on Amazon’s platform.

That being said, how many books does Amazon really help you sell? Most of the books that indie authors sell are from the indie author’s hard work, and self promotion. You don’t really need Amazon for that, but people are more likely to…

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