Review – Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

img_1944A young girl goes missing. At the beginning of the book we are privy to the girl’s thoughts; her gripes and grumbles about family life, her feelings of how unfair everyone is, the typical teenage problems. But then she is taken.
Margot Lewis a local woman who writes a column as ‘Dear Amy’ receives a letter from a missing girl, pleading for help. She is being held, is frightened and lonely and has no idea where she is. However, this missing girl is not the one who has just been taken. This girl, Bethan Avery, has been missing for two decades. As more letters arrive, Margot is determined to discover the whereabouts of the girl and in the process more is revealed about herself than she could ever have imagined.
I loved the premise of this story and the writing was strong but, for me, the truth was just a stretch too far. Without including spoilers I can only say that the author used a device that I have read in two other books this year but that doesn’t work for me. I couldn’t believe in Margot’s reaction to what had happened to her in the past and it’s relationship to the latest disapppearance. I felt that was a pity as the idea was a great one. But I will be looking out for what this author has to offer next as I felt that all the ingredients were there for a very strong story.

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