Reviews to finish up the year

So, I am three reviews short of my Goodreads Challenge and, it has been an important part of ‘getting back on track’ for me this year, to complete it.

I knew I was running short of time. Although I have several great books that I am currently reading, Christmas has meant travel from Portugal to England and Scotland  to spend time with loved ones and all the hectic activities that go along with that. There is no prolonged period in the day to read chunky novels!

Therefore I downloaded three, free, children’s books with a Christmas theme to end the year. Here is the first review:-

Winter on the Farm by Beata Noemi Balint

img_1953This book seems to appear on Amazon as The Snowman but on Goodreads as Winter on the Farm. That was confusing when trying to tie up the two.

The story is very cute. The Snowman is created on a wintry day by children out to have fun in the snow but, all too soon, is forgotten when the time comes for father to chop down a tree for Christmas. The children’s attention is diverted and the Snowman is left alone, but not for long, soon all the creatures who had lived in the fallen tree are crowding around him asking where they can live now that their home is gone.

There are a lot of themes here; the impact of humans on the environment, the changing of the seasons, loss and renewal, the circle of life, but they are presented in a way that is fun, easily understandable and never preachy.

This really is a very lovely story but there are grammatical mistakes and it is in need of a thorough edit and polish up.


6 thoughts on “Reviews to finish up the year

    1. wendyunsworth Post author

      I know! Family commitments – I am in Edinburgh now – can you even imagine what the weather is like!! Will be back in Portugal to celebrate new year. Hope it is sunny where you are. Have a great Christmas, Mike.


      1. Mike Thomas

        It’s 19 degrees and the sun is shining. It’s like a warm spring day. That said, Edinburgh!… Love that place too. My wife has family in Scotland. Can’t believe you’re missing Hogmanay!

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  1. wendyunsworth Post author

    Yes, this year has been a bit backwards for me but I have spent several, lovely Hogmanay’s here and this time NewYear is to be with the ‘other half’ of my family in Garvão. Enjoy the sun!


  2. Cozynookbks

    Have you tried audiobooks? They’re an excellent way to keep on your reading schedule when you’re not able to sit down with a book. Sometimes the audiobook version enhances the story, depending on the narrator. Best thing is you might be able to get them free from the library. Where I live in the U.S. all you need is a library card and you can check out the audiobooks and download them right from the app on your smartphone. They can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks at a time.

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  3. wendyunsworth Post author

    Thanks for your suggestion, I have begun to listen to books through Audible and I love them! My problem this year was some ill health in the family that made the first half of the year almost impossible to get any reading done and I have been playing catch up ever since. Can’t believe I have just one review left now to post, phew! Will certainly be listening to plenty in the New year. Will look forward to reading your reviews!

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