Books for Children -The Magical Aquarium by Cat Michaels

img_1989PJ and big sister Blake take a fun trip to a new aquarium in The Magical Aquarium by Cat Michaels. The first surprise is that Blake (a second grader) is driving her younger sister to the aquarium, but this is a book about magic and so anything can happen. The author leaves a nice little note at the end of the book telling children they will have to wait a while longer before they can really drive a car.

Once safely at the aquarium the two girls soon make friends with Merrie who shows them around and there are some special surprises in store involving meeting talking sea creatures and tea-time with mermaids.

This is a charming story. Pj and Blake’s love for sea-life shines through right from the very start. Though the narrative is, in one way, quite whimsical it is dotted very cleverly with fun facts about sea creatures. There is a mix of photographs and illustrations and, at the end, some words to discuss (lagoon, kelp, coral) as well as some more photos and descriptions of creatures children might see on their own visit to an aquarium. There is even a short video clip of a scuba diver in shark tank.

This is a lovely story, with just the right amount of interesting information added. Great to be read before a visit to a real aquarium, especially for children visiting for the first time. I expect some little ones (and some not so little) will be hoping to get a peak at a mermaid too.

*With thanks to the author who provided and Advanced Copy with no obligation to review*

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