Children’s Corner – Winnie and Wilbur by Valerie Thomas

img_1994Known in its original form simply as Winnie the Witch this wonderful book has since grown into a whole series and Winnie and Wilbur is the new edition of that first book.

The story is simple but brilliant. Winnie the Witch lives in a black house with a black door and black furniture; everything is black. This does not work well when Winnie’s black cat Wilbur is curled up on a chair or the top of the stairs. With his beautiful green eyes closed he becomes invisible and Winnie is always tripping over him.

But Winnie has the answer, she is a witch after all. So she sets about casting spells to turn Wilbur all sorts of bright colours so that he can been seen. At first Winnie is delighted with the results but poor Wilbur is miserable until the perfect solution occurs to Winnie, to turn her house into bright colours and give Wilbur back his beautiful black fur.

This is such a classic and fun picture book with a story brought to life by Korey Paul’s fantastic illustrations. A must for every small child’s book shelf.

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