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Review – The Monster That Ate My Socks by AJ Cosmo

img_1937This is a really fun story to explain where all the odd socks disappear to.

Max is in trouble with his mum because he loses too many socks and he is determined to track them down. Lying in wait at night he realises the three-eyed sock monster is the culprit.

This is a cute story. The monster is actually a very friendly creature with a family to feed and between them they get through quite a few socks. Some highly imaginative children are very sensitive to monster stories at bedtime; what seems like fun when a parent is still in the room quickly changes when the light goes out. However this monster family are very friendly and sweet. A lovely story for the end of the day.

Review – Harry and the Hot Lava by Chris Robertson

img_1921A  colourful and striking picture book. Harry imagines hot lava is on the loose, running through his house.

Reading this book reminded me of when children have a what we used to call in our house a ‘mad half-hour’, running,chasing, screeching and laughing, the type of behaviour that makes parents quickly say ‘okay now, lets just sit quietly and look at some books.’

The illustrations in Harry and the Hot Lava are cute, colourful, dynamic and very well drawn. However the story is minimal, not really a story at all. I somehow think that once the impact of first seeing it was over it’s not a book that could be read over again very much.

Great fun, though. 3.5 stars

Review – Frostbite by Julia Dweck

img_1935A super-fun story for the holiday season. The little hero of the story always wanted a dog but his mum said no. So one cold and snowy day he decides to go out and find a dog. Magic, of sorts, ensues and soon the boy has a dog made of sticks and snow to play with. Much like The Snowman, a trip home causes problems, not because Mum objects, but the warmth inside sets in a thaw! All ends well, with a bit of ingenuity.
The story is told in funny rhyme that really works and the illustrations, quite frenetic in their style, are great.
A lovely book for around the five year age range I would think.