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Review- No Cage for a Crow by M.R. Graham

img_1887Beautifully written, this first instalment of the ‘memoirs’ of Morrigan Holmes (the sister of the great, Sherlock) was absolutely delightful.
The story begins in the warmth and cloistered atmosphere of the Holmes household but Morrigan is desperate to escape. This she does with some bravado and she flees into the streets of London. Immediately we see the overwhelming contrast of how life exists in hugely contrasting levels in the great city. Morrigan almost immediately falls into the clutches of a vicious gang.
The reader finds out only a little of what happens in this short instalment and nothing of the background and we are left with a mighty cliffhanger at the end of it.
I loved this. The writing style was so superbly fitting for a story about Sherlock’s family and his era.
Four stars for the style alone… the story would need to be read in its entirety to find out if it is a five star read.