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Review – The Reading Group:December by Della Parker

img_1954Continuing my hunt for some nice, short reads over Christmas, I came upon this story by Della Parker. It is apparently an opener to a series of books but this is just a brief tale to introduce the characters.

I immediately liked the idea. In this story the group of six friends meet to discuss the month’s reading choice A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Fiction mirrors life as I guess it will in all the books and in this one Grace is the Girl in trouble, with the prospect of her Christmas looking decidedly unrosy. Through the course of the short story, friends rally, worries are prioritised and blessings are counted.

This is a simple, very quick read but a sweet story that made me want to know more about The Reading Group.

Free at the time of writing this review.


Review – The Time Being by Antonia Honeywell

img_1933This free audible short story really grabbed my interest. A prequel, apparently, but there was enough here to imagine the awful state this dystopian world had descended to.
Lalla, nine year old, ponders about life when flowers and green beans were flown all the way from Africa just so that people in England could enjoy them. Now no crops are grown at all and Lalla only knows of many foods from stories and labels on tinned goods.
Lalla’s parents are in a privileged position that we are given no explanation for but ‘privilege’ seemed to mean that they have somewhere to live and that within those walls they are somewhat safe. Nevertheless Lalla longs for the outside.
Short stories are, I think a difficult craft but this one held my interest and was enough for me to imagine the frightening world that Lalla lived in.