Review Policy

Although I am not offering any kind of formal review service, I am always on the look-out a good read and as reviews are so precious to authors I would like to do my bit to promote good books. Please contact me if you would like to offer your book for review.

As there are so many books out there, many more than I could ever read, I would prefer to review in those genres that interest me most.

Crime, thriller, mystery, historical (but not pure romance), literary fiction. Children’s picture books and chapter books for younger children, maximum 10,000 words. I read some horror and dystopian but am quite selective with these genres.

Please do not enquire young adult, paranormal, romance and erotica.

If you send the title and a link to a site where the book is available, I will contact you within one week if I would like to receive  copy of the book. I can’t make any promises regarding how long the review will take but I will read the books I accept in strict order received, along with purchased books. When I receive the book I will add it to my ‘currently-reading’ list on Goodreads so your title will appear on this site and my Goodreads page before it is reviewed.

What can you do for me?

As you will see, this blog is very new. You can help me get the word out there by following my blog. By doing this, you will also help yourself,  more visitors will be pointed toward the site and those visitors will also see the reviews I write. If you consider one of my own books might be of interest to you, adding it to your Goodreads list would be a great bonus for me, but there is certainly no obligation.

I do believe that authors must help authors in the new publishing world but I also believe that total honesty with regard to reviews is essential. If I rate a book below three stars I would be willing to give an honest and private opinion  but am not prepared to enter into any kind of debate about the storyline or the quality of writing. I just don’t have the time for that. I don’t profess to be an expert; just someone who loves writing and reading books. Opinions are simply my own and what does not appeal or work for me may well provide a good or even exceptional read for someone else.